Kamis, 31 Maret 2011


I felt shamed. I was upset and sad. I felt like I have no more value :'(

stay away
keep the distance might be better
don't worry, I'm still your lover
I'll keep us together
yes, we will

Minggu, 06 Maret 2011

I miss you


First post in 2011. Sounds too late, but it's fine :)

Hey, what's up? It's been plenty of times I don't write anything here. I'll add some update lists of what's going on with my damn wonderful life recently. Here they are...

  1. Thank God, finally I'm officially Rezha's on 07.01.11. Anyway, tomorrow we'll have officially been in 2 months! I love you so much, darling! :* :* :*
  2. It's really near from national exam and I'm getting anxious. It'll be held on April 18th. Wish me a best luck ><
  3. FCE class is great! It's First Certificate of English, my class at EF right now. It's interesting how we don't have to bring that thick book anymore and what we do are just listen to the teacher, make conversations or discussions, do some shit sheets, and make some notes. The bad is we often get a pile of homework! and I'm pretty surprised with the range of vocabulary, idiom and grammar that we use. It's wide! I think this is the real English :D
  4. I registered myself to "SNMPTN Undangan". It's one of the gates of enrolling University by collecting your report book. I chose Management of University Indonesia, Accounting of University Indonesia and Industry Engineering of ITS. I don't put much hope on this but just give It a try, God might give some luck to me. Who knows? ;)
  5. I am not sure of choosing those faculties and Universities. I'm quite puzzled of It. I'm afraid to make a move. Too many suggestions I got. Some are from my parents, my brother, my sister, my bestpals, my boyfriend, people over there, people over here. I'm in a massive labyrinth. I just don't know where to go and somehow I want to stop the time in order to take a breath and think clearly :(
  6. Guess what? My world might face a World War III ! Well, that's my Mom said. Lybia, Egypt, Yaman, and many of those East Asian country are in fire. I really feel sorry and deeply sad of what's going on there. Why don't we just stop fighting and start loving each other, taking care children, and living in a peace forever and ever? Why do we work on something that we don't want to happen? Why does It so hard for us to respect each other's life? Why Is It? That's what happen in Indonesia too. Nurdin Halid thingy, religions misunderstanding, and all those fucking faggots who screw our stability! From this day on, I know what might cause youth in Indonesia hate their country. It's all beacuse of the bad damn systems. And that thing too that made me avoid working in government. I still love Indonesia, though ;)
  7. My school in my year are in a big problem of trust, respect and responsibility. We're all looks like a Poker face, so many masks we wear. No, I'm not officially one of them actually. I never break my friends' trust to me. It's forbidden. So call me a netral person. I'm kinda hate this situation. I can't trust anyone because they are all fake. Only few of them that I can trust. My old friends and my boyfriend :)
  8. In a few weeks later, I'll got my license of driving! woohooo :D
  9. I hate people who look something from its stereotype. Can't you look from another perspective? There are many sides of them. We live in sphere, not in a square that only have one perspective. Come on, get a life!

Well, that's all. It's 4 pm already. I gotta got my hair cut. See you, people :-)

When you pleased everyone, you will pleased none