Senin, 04 Juni 2012

hello again :)

Hey, I'm back! :D
It's been months I haven't write anything here and there are looooooots of things happened. I can explode just trying to think of them :p
I got into Accountancy UA, and it's my second semester now. It's exciting to learn about numbers and money LOL
I busy myself with social activities recently and it's fun. It's something I've been waiting for :)
since business is my daily lecture, me and my others two friends are planning to make a culinary business. It's gonna start this week and wish us luck
Anywaaay, I got new nephew this year and gonna get 2 other new nephews by next year ><
I'll tell you later about my social activities and business. I'm in such a bad mood because this week is totally exhausting and took so much emotion.