Selasa, 14 Januari 2014

#throwback #olddays

I like the bit that Barney used in The Naked Truth, one of How I met Your Mother's episodes. It generally tells how anxious Marshall about whether he'd get his dream job ---to be an environmental lawyer--- since he realized his naked-hangover-of-him-video was still on Youtube while his interviewer were doing "Google search" test about him. Meanwhile, at a 24-hour diner, Barney were trying to apologize to Nora, his crush, for lying to her by lying again. I didn't know how to react to that. He's awesome yet weird -,-
Okay, back to the topic. Shortly, after she knew that he lied again, she stormed out but it's not Barney if he couldn't get a woman back again. Yes, she melt and for return she asked Barney to list and tell her all his lies that he'd been done to get a woman sleep with him. Then they sat down all night long. At the end of conversation, Barney asked for another date. She said no, but Barney still hoped she would say yes. And Nora said "how do you still think you have a chance with me?", and Barney answered "because you sat here all night, you could've left right away, but you didn't:"

And that part punched me. cause i've been there, like Nora. Except for the Barney's part, or the whole situation, it was not precisely like that.
It was so long ago but it still vivid in my mind when i was asked if i wanted to stay a little bit longer. And before i realized, i sat again, continue the conversation, all day long. Since then i kept asking "do i fall for him?" but the other part of myself convinced me that i wasn't. If i could ask a half part of me why she asked that question to me while i was half-certain that i wasn't fall for him, maybe the answer would be "because you sat there all day, you could've left right away, but you didn't".