Senin, 30 Agustus 2010

When I Take The Memories Back

Hello sir, the remarkable one.

How are you? I hope you're doing okay out there. I'm wondering if you're busy organizing yourself in order to be a good doctor,someday :)
Or you still wandering off the city and playing around with your fellas? pulling aside the tasks they gave and ignoring the law? Oh well, you should be more stable and mature, okay? You're not a 15 y/o adolescent lad anymore. You are a guy. A guy who ready to face the real world.

It's been a while we don't catch up and I'm kinda miss your presence lately. I don't know what's on earth that suddenly force my brain to peel-off the memories you laid down on me. All of those pictures running on my mind, making a flashback roll film rotating. 

I remember the moment I met you for the very first time, the stars I gave, the book you brought for my 16th birthday gift -oh It really sticks on my mind how you gave it while I was having final examination! bloody you for ruining my concentration :p
I remember the concert we went to. It was Maliq & d'essentials, my favorite one.
I remember the movie we watched together.
I remember the tear I shed when I saw you held you girl's hand.
I remember the pain.
I remember the bliss I felt for the opportunity seeing your face in the morning.
I remember the wonderful days you brought.
I remember how you laughed and made a fun and fool with your buddies.
I remember how you looked at me and made a grin for me when we met.
I remember how you glanced at me.
I remember how you move clumsily -is there any word 'clumsily'? oh you're rite, I've just made it :] -
I remember how reckless you were.
I remember how I scribbled your name, like everywhere I stand :p
I remember the ethnic bracelets you wear everyday.
I remember the bag you had in school.
I remember the shirts you usually wear. 
I remember the rap song you usually sing. 
I remember that curly hair.
I remember you in a rain.
I remember the conversation we made. That ones, yeah, the deep one and the serious one.
I remember when you looked for an advice to enroll university. Then you asked me. I gave my best words to you and I felt bless that could help you a lot :)
I remember the last smile you gave and the last words you said before you went out the city to continue your study. 

Well, that's quite a lot memories but I still have loads more. The rest of them, I can't count, I can't write, I can't tell. It can only be felt.
Readers, you may think that I still in to him. No. I am not. I am all over this guy now.
It only memories. He's one of my valuable memories. That's all. But It doesn't mean I don't care of him anymore. I still care, but in a different way. He's just my big brother after all.

Okay, I miss your presence, sir, my best buddy, my brother :')
Would you go to the town quickly? I mean here, your hometown. 

Minggu, 29 Agustus 2010

SGG's Breakfasting

Hey there!

Me and my extracuriculer, SGG (Smada Green Generation),had a breakfasting at School on Saturday night. We held it on a purpose which is to unite all of the member of SGG across generations. There were 5 generations, 2 years above mine and 2 years under mine. We had a lot of fun there. I mean, we really did :)

It's been ages I don't meet my lovely brothers and sisters. They are ms Guntur, ms Qahhar, ms Fannush, ms Bayu, ms Onot, ms Fahmi, ms Jose, ms Agung, ms Indra, mb Yulia, mb Dewita. They mean so much to me. They filled my life at the first year on Senior High School. It was the happiest time in my life at that moment. It's not only joy they brought but they also taught life. So many things I've learned from them. They are so special. I often went out with them, but since they graduated, we rarely meet up. And last night, we all gathered like we used to do :)

Here they are:

the same laugh 

lovely brothers

get the food!


the same jokes

left to right: ms fahmi, ms bayu
Well, at first I thought that I wouldn't find the second them, but I was wrong. I found the best team in my life. They could replace the comfortable I had before that has lost for a while , and It even better and more comfortable. I got Mbenk, Rezha, Bilal, Iqbol,  Tiyok, Hafizh, Hawi, Baluqia. They are kind of warm friends and treat me so well. It's like I found my missing heaven.

Here they are:
the team :)

Mbenk, the Leader

Me, the Vice



Tiyok, the cuttest!

Hawi, the cleaner

Balu, in a red shirt
And here we are, gathered with joy and laughters. Telling stories and stepping aside all worries or sadness for a while :)

Mam Endang, the Elder

Thank you for my Senior who spent their little time to come here and sharing with us. It was a pleasure :)
Thank you for my team! The best team ever! Without you all, we wouldn't be this great! And special for my leader, M Sayid Dwi Tantoro a.k.a Mbenk, you are such a tough and good leader :)
Thank you for my junior Rara,Novi,Gesy,Yayak,Shelvy and Yoga that no longer will replace my duty to run this lovely  extracuriculer. It's pretty good job, guys! :)
Thank you for my Junior of Junior who excitedly be a part of  SGG and still here. Never get bored, okay? ;)

It was such a wonderful night with them. Anyway, we played fireworks after Mam Endang went home. We played it at school! Yuuhuuu! Breaking the law always amazing :D

hani :) 

sorry for too many photos

Minggu, 22 Agustus 2010

Find some peace

I feel like everything surround me become all trash and I'm buried underneath it
I need some peace
I think I should go to the mosque :)

Kamis, 05 Agustus 2010

We just need to say it directly

Tadi siang panas sekali. Aku beli es teh di depan Smada, deket Neutron. Sambil nunggu kembalian, aku lihat ada tulisan di telepon umum yang di tulis dengan memakai stypo, kira-kira begini tulisan nya:

"Kalau Tuhan tau isi hati kita, untuk apa kita berdoa?"

It made me think. Then I got a simple answer.

"Sama hal nya seperti kita pacaran. Meski kita tau sebagaimana besar cinta pasangan kita, tapi masih saja kita ingin mendengar nya mengatakan 'aku sayang kamu'. Kenapa begitu? Think about it"
 Bagaimana menurutmu?

hani :)

Selasa, 03 Agustus 2010

In the middle of raining night

I still have my unfinished homeworks.
I will have a math test tomorrow and unfortunately I don't master the Integral thingy yet.
I can't help myself of missing him.
I'm F tired.
Could I skip one day just to avoid from collecting homeworks and postpone the test,please? :-(

First Posting :)

Hey there
This is my very first posting on the world of blogging. I will pour you my thoughts,feelings,and random stuffs here later. Keep in touch with me :)

much love,