Rabu, 24 April 2013

What does education give you?

When I was a kid, I keep wondering why I had to learn something I didn't even like, didn't even know what was it for, and didn't understand at all even I read it like million times. Or maybe you feel that way too. But as a patient kid, I wait and searching the answer while I obey all of those order to read physic, chemistry, etc in order to pass the exam.

As I grew, I'm pretty sure I begin to reveal that mystery. This whole college life has opened my eyes widely and change my perspective to see what education is. Well, I start thinking that education is not about you get to know what mathematics, economics, physics, or biology are. Education is about making the way how you think of something or someone. Education brings you a perspective. I used to see a big trailer with an enormous box on the road as a trailer which transport goods from one place to another place. Now, I see them as a system, supply chain, international trading, Letter of Credit, value, and tax. When I see a shop, I now see them as inventory, payroll, franchise, etc. When I see a company, I now see them as market value, shares, employee satisfaction, company value, stakeholders, and so on. That way of thinking occurs when I see a phenomena too. Like why the government agreed to increase the price of fuel, why most of companies barely agree to increase of their employee's minimum wages, why Mr.President made his twitter account, and so on. I know that my 'past me' would see me as a person who lost her idealism if she knew my answers to all of those questions. But I can't resist the idea of seeing things from many sides after what I've got in my 12 years of school and 2 years in college. You can't suddenly judge a person or things at first glance. You have to know why it happened? Why they did it? What might be possible reasons of what they've done? If you think it's not right, try to figure out by yourself what might be better to do. Try to think any of solutions. If you can't find them, well, maybe those people's decision to do that thing is the best of any possible solutions. It might be hurt at first, but this is life, a place you can never be fair to everyone and everything.

Everything I look at now is not the same as I used to look at it anymore. But technically, they haven't change at all, it's me that changing. My perspective of seeing something. And I assumed it's all because of my education. In my first year of college, I got philosophy subject. It taught me that there's never ever a thing called truth. What we've got right now, as the results of living on earth for million years, are based on assumptions. Even the mathematics, the exact subject, is based on assumptions. From that day on, I believe there's no true or false, as long as it was created by human because I still believe everything in my Al Quran are indisputable true. Having this thought is confusing and weird though, I feel like living in a grey shade, everything can be true or false in a same time.

Eventually, education changed me, it gives me perspective. Well, what does education give you? :-)

It bothers me and my life

Why is there such an undone feeling?
Because It feels no good
I tried to keep It cool
But It ain't work and makes me like a fool

Well, I'm not good at making poem.