Minggu, 08 Februari 2015

For my little girl: goodluck!

I'm gonna be so lonely.

It's not that i don't have friends. I have lots of them. I got my leisure friends who i'd like to enjoy my leisure time with them. I got work friends, my college friends who's now in internship same as me, the ones i deal with 5 days a week. I got my close friends since i got into college, whom i'd like to play everytime i wanna get weird and random. And i got others friends that i cannot tell you one by one. Each of them fill different part in my life. You know that there are many holes in your heart that need to be filled in order to feel fulfilled (i guess). And there's one hole that's hard to be filled except with the ones like you. And so far i only got you who's always around and nearby to call with when i want to fill that hole. Now you're gonna be away for a while, i'm excited and happy for you. But i don't know who will listen to my weird stories, my contemplation, and my random thoughts for the next 3 months.

Me who's now busy with corporate thing and unable to meet up with you for a couple of months lately, turns out makes me feel lonely. No one can understand my random thoughts at works. They laugh at me. They call me weird. I can feel there's a figurative label in my forehead that i'm a douche. No wonder why they act like that. Because we are not in a same frequency. It's because they are not designed to fill that hole, they got their own part. Well, it happens when you're still around, what would happen if you're not around anymore? When the two of us get busy with our own things?
I think i'm gonna be so lonely.

I know this day will come. My little girl turns to be a woman. Good luck with all your new experiences ahead, with all your searching for "what's the best". I can't wait for the upcoming stories. Don't panic and don't get lost.

Miss you already,

p.s. i might be overreacting here.