Kamis, 18 Juli 2013


it's only a nickname, they said.
it's not a big problem, they said.


let me ask you a question. do you know the special feeling when you do something that only you and him can understand? have you ever felt so special when you both laughing together but no one has any idea about what you laugh at? have you ever feel "the one and only girl that he loves" when he calls you candy and you do the same way while no one has ever called you this way? or his way of whispering to you in a crowd of your friends and you laugh together then. those moments are specials. well, for me, it's not only a moment that will pass by. it is a statement. it represents a statement that you and him have a special relation. you don't need to say "HELLO EVERYONE! THIS IS MY BOYFRIEND! WOOOHOOO!" no. no, my friend. we nowadays do it in more elegance way. and that way is like what i have been described above.

now, question number 2. what if all of those acts are not only for you, but he did it to all the girls in class? or what if suddenly he allow all of his friends to do all of them to him? what if all of his friends could called him with that special nickname you gave to him? what are you gonna feel, huh? once again, it's not the matter of you want those cheesy words or you want some romantic acts. it is the statement. where does the statement go? yes, it's gone. because it's not special again. it is used by everyone. it is done by everyone.

you know my love,
you are not mine, i ain't either. those are the only thing i can feel like i'm the one for you and you are the one for me. that i am that special girl. that i "own" you. when it's all gone, what am i supposed to feel? what am i supposed to do?