Jumat, 07 Juni 2013

note to myself and you.

the hardest part when you face a failure is to keep moving on and forget the pain. i usually can think of other wonderful things after i failed, so that i never get drown into deep sadness and regret what i had done. and i have friends who always encourage me whatever happens. i only said friends, because it's not a lot. true friends are limited.
one more thing you can do is to think that there are lots people who is less fortunate than yourself, that those people out there have more complicated problems than you have. that's what my friend said, actually. well, i know it's not easy to do. but at least, you can try. try to keep move on, your capability is bigger than you think, it's just you haven't use it very well. or maybe you have hidden potentials. don't be afraid to do new things. the point is, try to move on.
i give you a little secret, doing new things is so fun! really, i'm not lying. no no, don't think too big such "i failed in organization, i'll try music" not that big. try to do little things that new such as "i'll read at least 2 books this month" or "i'll take dance class this month" or "i'll write a blog" or "i'll give a penny to some beggar" or anything. you can try anything that new to you. that's how you met your mother discover your hidden potentials. and that's the way you seek your passion, said Rene Suhardono.
it always working for me.
i hope it's working for you too.

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